IncRev has been one of the firm believers and early adopters of Cloud technologies. We have deployed solutions to Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure for our customers. Our solutions are engineered to be cloud ready and can be deployed on-premise  or in the cloud without any changes. We can help with your cloud strategy and compare different deployment models comparing different vendors and options and come up with a roadmap for rapid cloud adoption.

IncRev was a part of the beta program for Microsoft Azure and deployed one of the first solutions on Azure for one of our customers.  A case study was published by Microsoft

Click here to view the Case Study.

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)

Software as a Service(SAAS) is a software distribution model in which applications or platforms are hosted by a vendor or service provider(typically in a cloud environment) and made available to customers over a internet.  At IncRev, we have built and deployed a number of SAAS applications ranging from On-Demand Supply Chain to Social Commerce to Business Intelligence Solutions. Our SAAS Solutions are engineered to be deployed in a private or public cloud depending on your requirements. While SAAS applications have a lot of advantages, any multi tenancy model brings with it a few challenges related to scalability, security, privacy and seamless upgrades with no change to business processes of customers. We can help you with navigating these challenges and build a stable solution

Hosted APIs

Mobile applications are increasing in popularity in enterprises and these need to be backed by very secure and robust services in the backend. Additionally, enterprises need to expose different web services to be consumed by customers and vendors for seamless B2B and B2C integrations. We have developed a set of guidelines and reusable assets to develop Hosted APIs for your applications and services. Our solutions are architected to seamlessly integrate with your enterprise security for authentication or authorization for employee facing services and also using external authentication schemes like facebook, twitter, google or open auth or consumer services. Our solutions are well documented with sample client programs, version ready and REST enabled.

Cloud Migration

IT decision makers are constantly looking for ways to improve costs, productivity and agility and ant to move their infrastructure to the cloud. In addition, small businesses don’t need to maintain their own servers on-premise and can completely migrate to the cloud. There are different types of clouds. Two common approaches are public and private clouds and in addition, there is hybrid cloud. IT managers need to decide which application or services need to be moved to the cloud and which need to be maintained on-premise. IncRev can work with you to build the optimal cloud strategy for your business needs. We can help in developing a roadmap for migrating to the cloud. In addition, we will analyze your existing application infrastructure and help break large monolithic applications to functional services and migrate the appropriate components to the cloud. We will also help in integration of the on-premise and cloud applications so that business processes are not affected by the migration.